Sunday, 16 August 2015

A day at the beach

When it is warm in the UK people tend to flock to the beaches. I was one of those sheep.  We decided (my family) to go for an evening and have fish and chips by the sea front.  A cult classic.  These are some pictures:
Top- American Eagle. Shorts - New Look.  Sandals-Primark

Traditional chip butty

So many little time

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Week in Pictures

I thought that instead of doing a full week I would do a couple of special days.  I had an indoor picnic with my friend which I forgot to take pictures of but then we went on a walk and went home stuff shopping!  I also went to a wedding.  It was really pretty and nice as they had lots of things themselves like the confetti and favours.  It felt really vintage and personal to them.  After the service we went to and indoor fair and went on a couple of rides and then we had an afternoon tea which was so filling but yummy!

This stuff is from Sassoon belle and live love laugh.


They had been planning for 6 years which you can clearly see when just looking at the details.  On the table you can see newspaper hearts.  The china we had our afternoon tea on was all collected over years, all vintage. 
Bye for now

Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer Drinks

It's summer time.  This means you will be wanting to drink more and sometimes the only thing in the house is fizzy drink.  Don't do it.  Just because it is summer don't use it as an excuse to drink tooth-decaying liquid.  These drinks are healthy and inexpensive which you can do at home in under 5 minutes!

Fruit infused water:

Makes 1 large glass

-1/2 lemon or lime
- Handful of mint
-1/6th of a cucumber
-Handful of frozen raspberries (or fresh)

To make it just chop up all the ingredients (not the mint otherwise you will eat it!) and chuck it in the glass of water.  You can put it in the fridge for 30 minutes to get the water tasting of the fruit/ingredients or you can drink it straight away for a less intense flavour.  If you do this I would recommend squeezing some of the lemon/lime in the water as well.  You can put any ingredients in but I like this best.

Lime benefits -  weight loss, skin care, improved digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, and treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders and gout.

Mint benefits - Weight loss, improves oral health, helps sickness, helps acne, helps to prevent cancer, helps relieve fatigue and depression, helps congested noses and better memory.

Cucumber benefits - Protects your brain, helps to prevent cancer, freshens breath, antioxidant, manages stress, heart health, weight loss and helps digestive system.

Raspberries benefits - antioxidants, brain power, heart health, cancer prevention, diabetes management, aids digestion, prevents diseases and improves eyesight.




-Frozen raspberries
Put all of the ingredients in the blender and add 1/2 a glass of  water and mix until a smooth frozen drink.



Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A British Summer day

Us Brits all know that summer doesn't really exist.  Yes there are some days which are sweltering hot but some you could mistake for a winters day!

Here is my average summer day in pictures:

Best game ever!

Makeup of the day: Concealer - bare mineral, powder -Stay Matte, Blusher - Seventeen, Lipstick - mac in Sweetie, Mascara-Estee Lauder, eye shadow- Maybelline in on and on bronze, browdrama by Maybelline and eyeliner by collection.
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